I realize I have a bit of an obsession with being prepared (I keep an SAS Survival Manual in my car emergency kit (I’m serious)….so that I will know how to find pure drinking water inside of a cactus….and how to make a fire without matches (in case mine get wet)….I kid you not – it’s a “thing” with me.  No, I do not store gallons of drinking water and stockpile arms and ammunition….but I still keep the SAS Manual in my car emergency kit, along with 5 year old granola bars……..and candles…..and matches….and weird silver space looking blankets that crinkle really loudly but are super warm.

When I first started doing “Shows” (glass bead/jewlery/craft shows), I brought a good part of my studio and anything else I could possibly need with me — I was PREPARED FOR ANYTHING! – had the Earth been invaded by Aliens, I would have been fine for at least 2 weeks, hiding under my craft show table and assembling jewelry. But alas, over the last 12 years of doing glass bead and jewelry shows…..Aliens have not invaded the Earth and I have spent waaaay too much time and energy being “Prepared” and lugging a plethora of UN-needed items to shows and home!

Now, I only do one show per year (To Bead True Blue) and it is every February in Tucson during the big Gem & Mineral Show; it is a 6 day show. Every year, I return home and say “what did I not use this year – and is there anything I COULD have used that I did not bring?”

I have gotten it down to three bins….and in one of those bins, is my “POP -UP OFFICE”!

Because I have annotated this down to the last “paperclip” so to speak, I will offer no more advice other than this: If you find I have missed an important thing, please comment!!!

Wait! Before you comment!  I bring tissue paper for wrapping, but do not keep it in my POP-UP OFFICE!….so don’t comment on that.

Also, it is really nice when you need to grab it to just go to a little gathering where you are selling your jewelry/beads, between shows – everything will be there when you need it – as long as you throw in your business license and “Square” credit card swipe “thingy” (I keep mine in my cash bag). It has taken a long time for me to learn to do this, but I love it and it takes up so little space and is ready to go when I am!!!

Please comment about things you could not live without at a show or things you might add to a POP-UP OFFICE!

(click on any photo to make it HUGE!)

This is my “traveling office.” I purchased it for $8.00 at a Thrift store and it is a “briefcase” if you are ever looking for one online..although I would suggest visiting your local thrift stores….they ALWAYS have these and it is good to see the size in person! Mine is 18 x 12 x 4.5″

Sneaking a Peek at Artist’s Studios!!

Ohhhh! I was so honored to be included in:

Mixed-Media Jewelry Artists: Sneaking a Peek at Their Studio Spaces

Thank You!!!!

Please take a peek!

Personal Spaces And How They Speak

Have fun and be sure to include #studiospaces

Recently my daughter and I started taking part in the Photo A Day challenge on Instagram started by one of my favorite bloggers – Fat Mum Slim. She provides a calendar for the month and gives prompts for each day’s photo.  The prompt for March 4th was “bedside”.  When I looked at the photo I took of my bedside table, I thought it was so interesting – I see this table every morning and every night, but it looked completely different to my eye when I saw it in a photo. It “spoke” volumes of my life, and in such a small and contained little space! Jewelry everywhere (I am a jewelry maker), a couple of children’s books (I am a mother), lots of books and magazines (I like to read in bed), reading glasses (I’m in my 40’s), a little jar of Advil PM (for when I drink coffee too late in the day)….and all the little bits and pieces of life in general. I have noticed the same phenomenon when I see photos of my studio in publications or when I am editing project photos for articles and have to crop out all the surrounding “noise = stuff” in the photo.  Because I live with it, I don’t notice it – but when I see it in a photo, all the little details become interesting to me.

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to start an Instagram hashtag group!  It is called Studio Spaces and by no means do you have to be an artist to participate!  “Studio” can mean any place you work, make, or create. I have added pictures of my desk and my studio because both of those spaces are personal “Studio” spaces for me.

– all you need to do is share the photo on Instagram and be sure to put the hashtag #studiospaces so everyone can see your picture!  I have gotten the group started with some of my own pics and you can see all the photos in the group here, or by clicking on the photo above!

Also, a tutorial of mine, Wire Jewelry Tip of the Year: Make Perfect Ear Wire Sets in Minutes appeared on Jewelry Making Daily on Wednesday and I promised to post a few “tips and tricks photos” that did not make it into the article……here they are!  You can Google the products to find retailers and I have linked the photo captions to where I buy them.  Enjoy!

Click on the photos to make them larger!

Making Decorated Hollow Easter Eggs – How To & Sources!


Easter is just around the corner!  Here is a repeat of last year’s information on making Blown Out Hollow Eggs, dying them and decorating tips!  Pics, videos and sources! Scroll to the bottom for Sources and links to the supplies!

Buying this kit is by far the easiest way - Amazon among other places sell it. Also - grab a bulb syringe at the drugstore!



Blas-Fix Egg Hollowing Kit available at Amazon

Rubber Syringe available at Amazon

Aileen’s Tacky Glue Pen (used in the video) at Amazon

Aileen’s Brush On Tacky Glue available at Amazon

German Glass Glitter available at Rags-N-Tags

Victorian Cutouts and Dresden Trim (gold foil decorations in pictures) from Blumchen





How to make a perfectly matched set of ear wires every time!

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How to Make Hollow Eggs, Dye, Dry and Decorate them….the easy way!

Click on photos to enlarge them so that you can read the text which is FULL of information!!!

STEP 1. HOW TO BLOW OUT AN EGG……the easy way

How to Blow out an Egg for making Hollow Eggs…..below is a visual of the supplies and here is a link to the YouTube Video on doing it! WATCH THE VIDEO.

Alternative to buying a kit

 STEP 2. HOW TO DYE AND DRY AN EGG….the easy way



Watch how to decorate the eggs I made in the basket….don’t be a smarty pants and think “Oh I can figure that out”…..watch the video — I promise you will learn something — like how to give the egg traction and keep it from flying out of your hand while you are decorating it and see more supplies for decorating the eggs!  Link: WATCH THE VIDEO