DIY Needlepoint Snow Globe Ornament

While it may look like I’m wandering aimlessly through the craft store…I’m actually gathering bits, bobs and tiny packets of “information” ….they all came together in this little ornament design! An easy and fun holiday craft, these ornaments are great even without the Needlepoint! If you are making these with kids, be careful with the glue gun and hot glue!! A click on the photo to watch the 15 minute start to finish video tutorial on Instagram!

Click to watch the tutorial video on Instagram @Lifetart
All of these items are available at local craft stores

Glue Gun Hack

I was at Costco last week and saw these grill mats and thought “Hey! I’ll bet those would be great for working with glue guns!” – they are!

 1. They are designed to withstand heat. 

2. Glue peels right off of them. 

3. The mats are big so you won’t accidentally lay the glue gun down on the table instead of the mat. 

4. Four sheets are $16 instead of ONE silicone baking mat for the same price! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😊


What’s In Your Bag? Mine’s like Mary Poppins’ without the lamp!

Years ago I read about an artist by the name of  Nathalie Lecroc, a Parisian artist.  You make an appointment with Ms. Lecroc, meet her at her apartment and empty the contents of your handbag onto her dining room table. Three hours later, she hands you a watercolor painting of your bag contents. The only rule is that you cannot not edit the contents before you visit Ms. Lecroc….and she can always tell when someone has – usually pharmaceuticals — which I also edited in my photo….seemed like a good idea….

What’s in my bag….

According to Ms. Lecroc, American women always carry mints and more make-up than French women & French women usually carry a good luck charm of some sort.  The oddest things she has seen? Firecrackers, a hula skirt, part of a sandwich & lettuce……hmmm, I wonder what she would think of the little bag of magic tricks I carry around with me (between my purse and the little round box with a red lid in the photo above) – and yes, that is a fake thumb.  I was a little taken aback by how much I carry around – like Mary Poppins’ without the lamp! …..I actually weighed my purse after I photographed everything and it weighed in at 6 lb!

There is also an awesome time-sucking Flickr site where you can spend countless hours looking at the contents other people’s bags…….I don’t even want to think about how much time I have spent looking at What’s In Your Bag [but NOT camera bags] on Flickr!

Contact Nathalie Lecroc at

Google her name for wonderful articles and photos of her work!

By Eleanore Macnish

Making Decorated Hollow Easter Eggs – How To & Sources!


Easter is just around the corner!  Here is a repeat of last year’s information on making Blown Out Hollow Eggs, dying them and decorating tips!  Pics, videos and sources! Scroll to the bottom for Sources and links to the supplies!

Buying this kit is by far the easiest way - Amazon among other places sell it. Also - grab a bulb syringe at the drugstore!



Blas-Fix Egg Hollowing Kit available at Amazon

Rubber Syringe available at Amazon

Aileen’s Tacky Glue Pen (used in the video) at Amazon

Aileen’s Brush On Tacky Glue available at Amazon

German Glass Glitter available at Rags-N-Tags

Victorian Cutouts and Dresden Trim (gold foil decorations in pictures) from Blumchen





How to Make Hollow Eggs, Dye, Dry and Decorate them….the easy way!

Click on photos to enlarge them so that you can read the text which is FULL of information!!!

STEP 1. HOW TO BLOW OUT AN EGG……the easy way

How to Blow out an Egg for making Hollow Eggs…..below is a visual of the supplies and here is a link to the YouTube Video on doing it! WATCH THE VIDEO.

Alternative to buying a kit

 STEP 2. HOW TO DYE AND DRY AN EGG….the easy way



Watch how to decorate the eggs I made in the basket….don’t be a smarty pants and think “Oh I can figure that out”… the video — I promise you will learn something — like how to give the egg traction and keep it from flying out of your hand while you are decorating it and see more supplies for decorating the eggs!  Link: WATCH THE VIDEO