Unique Graduation Gift

Give this graduation gift a try – Book safes are my favorite thing to give to kids heading off to college – things tend to “disappear” in dorms and it’s good to have a hidden place to store extra cash and credit cards!  This post with video is also on Lifetart Instagram account!  


Glue Gun Hack

I was at Costco last week and saw these grill mats and thought “Hey! I’ll bet those would be great for working with glue guns!” – they are!

 1. They are designed to withstand heat. 

2. Glue peels right off of them. 

3. The mats are big so you won’t accidentally lay the glue gun down on the table instead of the mat. 

4. Four sheets are $16 instead of ONE silicone baking mat for the same price! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😊


Magic Magnetic Craft Board

 *You can also see this tip WITH VIDEO on my Lifetart Instagram account (I am FAR more active on IG than here on my blog).  If you have any questions, just message me on Instagram! 

Super easy to make and makes any craft you do while sitting in a chair or the car SO much easier! Needlepoint, embroidery, beading, etc. 

 My “Lapboard” is actually a vintage cork backed board placemat (eBay usually around $15 for 4). I love it because it provides a perfect place for stray things and the cork provides drag so things don’t slide off – (you could also use a small cookie sheet or a piece of chipboard). Using packing tape, attach magnets to the back of the board and place a magnet into any lightweight container and throw it on your board!

When you need to get up from working on a project, it is SO easy to just take the board and place it on the table without worrying about stuff sliding off…and of course while you are using it…

I use LARGE magnets (1/2” wide by 1/8” thick – from Hobby Lobby 6 for $6 online & in stores) – they are strong enough to hold things through the thickness of the lapboard and using two can anchor heavier things. Smaller ones are not strong enough for the vintage placemats. 

Lapboard Hack: Since the front of the placemats are shiny and slick, gluing a piece of ultra suede or real leather suede on the shiny side would help anchor it on uneven surfaces (in the car!) – just make sure to tape your magnets to the back before gluing on the suede!

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How to tie a PERFECT BOW!

I have searched and searched and SEARCHED for how to tie a straight bow! FINALLY I found out how!! Recently I received a gift of Jo Malone perfume from my dear husband. Upon looking at the bow on the box, I noticed how beautiful it was – how symmetrical – how even – how it didn’t tilt to one side like MY bows! As I carefully untied the bow, I took photos of each step of untying (it would drive me crazy to watch someone open a gift as slowly as I did – he is a very patient man!) and I made a video of how to tie this most perfect of bows! Here is a link to the video – for your reference and my own!! Enjoy!!


Itty Bitty Sweet Hugs & Kisses Earring Project!

Since most of the jewelry I make it is quite large by most standards, it is difficult for me to come up with things for teenagers – because they like things small! I came up with these for my daughter for Valentine’s Day and thought they would make such a fun project for you! If you have some experience with silversmithing, these should take about 30 minutes! Enjoy!!

*** feel free to make these for yourself and as gifts – but please do not sell them….because stealing isn’t nice.





How to finish a needlepoint ornament!


Here are process photos of how I finish needlepoint ornaments! There are many ways to do it, and this is how I do it! I am not great at responding to comments, so please do not feel bad if you do not hear from me – just thought you might enjoy!







…..and a different way to finish the top loop……




Scrapbooking with Iphone photo apps – made EASY (Part 2)

PART 2 -Apps I love & how I use them. Grids, Fun labels & Filters (tutorial)

My daughter loves our scrapbooks – it is like an illustrated fairytale of her (our) life – how could you not love that!?

I love the IDEA of scrapbooks and I love scrapbooks themselves.

I love all of the little stickers, stamps, tapes and decorations for scrapbooks.

I love having a hard copy of the most important photos on my computer.

What I do NOT love is the stress of scrapbooking.

When I bought an iPhone, I discovered some fantastic, easy apps & the stress disappeared when I developed a “SYSTEM” that is fast – and fun!

I still get to use all those wonderful little decorations and we actually have a scrapbook to sit down and look through – which is better than a box of mixed up photos any day!

Scrapbooking with Iphone apps – made EASY, divided into three posts (I post on Wednesdays at 11:30 MT).

1. Scrapbooking with an iPhone – my SYSTEM & apps

2. Apps I love & how I use them. Grids, Fun labels & Filters (tutorial).

3. Tying up the loose ends from parts 1 & 2, extra apps – everything comes together!


Apps I love & how I use them. Grids, Fun labels & Filters


1.PicFrame ($0.99)

This app allows you to combine up to 5 photos into a grid and add labels.

Click to enlarge

If you will be using your photo grid for a 5×7 postcard with the app PhotoCard, be sure to click the 3:2 measurement in the upper right corner (See #1).

2. Montage Magic ($.99)

This app allows you to combine tons of photos, label them and has great backgrounds – wonderful when you want to use more than 5 photos!

I previously posted a tutorial of this app and you can find it here!

3. Bill Atkinson’s PhotoCard – Postcards ($0.99)

This is my MUST HAVE app. It is the backbone of my scrapbook – I use grids, filters & labels on my photos and always import them into PhotoCard to send a finished 5×7 laminated photo postcard to myself for my scrapbook.

Click to enlarge


No tutorials on these apps – the filters are either super easy or difficult enough that I just mess with them until I get something I like and then save it; the labels are the same!



(great for adding a cute label to one photo)

Photo Notes

(great for speech bubble photos and text)

Ransom Letters

Love this app! Let’s you add text like a ransom note with cutout letters!




FilterMania 2


– only works for square photos – it will force you to make your photo a 1:1.


This is my “go to” for editing

Easy photo editing; great filters

Iris Photo Suite



Hard – unless you just play around with it until you find something you like.


Play around with it.



Pictures of my scrapbook pages

Comparison of other photo postcard apps – Pros & Cons

Scrapbooking apps

Tying up loose ends!

Next Post: WEDNESDAY, JULY 25th @ 11:30 a.m.

Be well! Have a safe weekend and July 4th!

By Eleanore Macnish

How to Re-Wire a lamp…..a Feminist approach…..

Ok, so I found this COMPLETELY AWESOME lamp in a consignment store in a small town east of Albuquerque.  Some friends and I had “road-tripped” (a friend of ours who owns an “Party Planning & Events ” company planned the day to a town 45 minutes east of Albuquerque…..in a limo — (it helps to have friends in high places….or friends who plan things for people in high places!  Ha!) )  It’s an old mining town and we went for lunch and to “look around” in some stores.

In one of the stores, my friend Marci passed this lamp and said “If Eleanore sees that, she’ll buy it.”  Another friend said “Oh I HOPE not! Should we hide it?”….Marci: “No! We can’t hide it!…but she will buy it.”

As I descended the stairway,  I saw HER (the lamp) – the clouds parted – angels sang – she spoke to me – SO trashy that she tips the scale into the “awesome” category and I HAD to buy HER for $15.00 – making one of my friends very worried about my sanity. We loaded her in the trunk with all of the other “finds” from the day and she sat in my studio for months – until one day I had finally had enough! I had to give her the respect she deserved!

I searched YouTube for videos about how to rewire a lamp.  I found a completely objectionable one (see the bottom of this post ….WTH?)  and a completely wonderful one whose narrator is my new boyfriend (he cannot be my husband because I am happily married, but he can be MY JUSTIN BEIBER OF LAMP RE-WIRING — AND HE IS!!!). I love this guy!

He speaks to you like you are someone who doesn’t know how to wire a lamp, but wants to know how to wire a lamp…..so he shows you how to wire a lamp in a concise, straight forward and easy to understand way. He tells you what you need to know—love him!

I rewired her, patched the chips on her base and replaced missing rhinestones in her ears and on her neck – and now she is again truly regal and sits on my desk in my studio!  – A testament to decades gone by and what was once “fashionable”!  I love her because she is so hideously tacky and overdone …so much so – that she is fabulous – like Las Vegas! And I love her because she will always remind me of the wonderful day with my girlfriends!!

Now for my FEMINIST APPROACH TO RE-WIRING A LAMP! Don’t watch the video below.  That is my Feminist approach. Watch the first video and not the one below.

Offensive video: How to Rewire a Table Lamp: A Course for Women.   — I kid you not – click the link and see (even though I just told you not to watch this video).  Here are some of the choice quotes from this video.  Am I being sensitive? I think not!

1. “Even if you have a partner who can do the rewiring, sometimes you end up waiting a looong time to get the job done – know what I mean ladies?”  Cue music track “wah wah wah wah” & picture of a guy asleep on the couch.

2. “Notice that one screw is bronze and the other one is silver. Remember that! We’ll talk about that later. Ok, now pause this video and pair up into teams and dis-assemble your lamp!

PAIR UP INTO TEAMS?????  Really? Do we really need to pair up into teams to REWIRE A LAMP!?!?  I just want to know how to rewire a lamp for God sakes!   The only reason I watched the whole video was to make sure it wasn’t a joke….unfortunately, it is not a joke. It is serious and is narrated by a WOMAN who sounds like she is speaking to Kindergarteners, which makes it even worse! 

Have fun rewiring your lamp – by yourself!

By Eleanore Macnish


I realize I have a bit of an obsession with being prepared (I keep an SAS Survival Manual in my car emergency kit (I’m serious)….so that I will know how to find pure drinking water inside of a cactus….and how to make a fire without matches (in case mine get wet)….I kid you not – it’s a “thing” with me.  No, I do not store gallons of drinking water and stockpile arms and ammunition….but I still keep the SAS Manual in my car emergency kit, along with 5 year old granola bars……..and candles…..and matches….and weird silver space looking blankets that crinkle really loudly but are super warm.

When I first started doing “Shows” (glass bead/jewlery/craft shows), I brought a good part of my studio and anything else I could possibly need with me — I was PREPARED FOR ANYTHING! – had the Earth been invaded by Aliens, I would have been fine for at least 2 weeks, hiding under my craft show table and assembling jewelry. But alas, over the last 12 years of doing glass bead and jewelry shows…..Aliens have not invaded the Earth and I have spent waaaay too much time and energy being “Prepared” and lugging a plethora of UN-needed items to shows and home!

Now, I only do one show per year (To Bead True Blue) and it is every February in Tucson during the big Gem & Mineral Show; it is a 6 day show. Every year, I return home and say “what did I not use this year – and is there anything I COULD have used that I did not bring?”

I have gotten it down to three bins….and in one of those bins, is my “POP -UP OFFICE”!

Because I have annotated this down to the last “paperclip” so to speak, I will offer no more advice other than this: If you find I have missed an important thing, please comment!!!

Wait! Before you comment!  I bring tissue paper for wrapping, but do not keep it in my POP-UP OFFICE!….so don’t comment on that.

Also, it is really nice when you need to grab it to just go to a little gathering where you are selling your jewelry/beads, between shows – everything will be there when you need it – as long as you throw in your business license and “Square” credit card swipe “thingy” (I keep mine in my cash bag). It has taken a long time for me to learn to do this, but I love it and it takes up so little space and is ready to go when I am!!!

Please comment about things you could not live without at a show or things you might add to a POP-UP OFFICE!

(click on any photo to make it HUGE!)

This is my “traveling office.” I purchased it for $8.00 at a Thrift store and it is a “briefcase” if you are ever looking for one online..although I would suggest visiting your local thrift stores….they ALWAYS have these and it is good to see the size in person! Mine is 18 x 12 x 4.5″

Sneaking a Peek at Artist’s Studios!!

Ohhhh! I was so honored to be included in:

Mixed-Media Jewelry Artists: Sneaking a Peek at Their Studio Spaces

Thank You!!!!

Please take a peek!