Quarantine Needlepoint Coaster

Click on the above photo to see the YouTube video – there is a table of contents below
This guide to what appears where in the video is also in the description under the video on YouTube (click the little black triangle under the bottom right corner of video)

The photos below are the companion “textbook” for the video on YouTube. Be sure to watch the video so that these photos will make sense to you! I have included a “Table of Contents” – the video is 1hr 45 min so I thought it really needed a table of contents! This video covers every stitch step-by-step with all sorts of info about thread, stitches, etc. If you are a beginner, this may be of interest to you…it is intended as a quick sampler to learn all sorts of stitches and end up with a sweet little self finishing coaster. The Stitch Charts below are listed in the order they are stitched on the coaster and the order in which they appear in the video. The center colored bar that runs through the middle of the charts refers to the color of that stitch on the Master Chart.

Amazon Supply List – Click on this photo
Unfortunately the source for this letter chart, Jos Hendriks blog is no more – however there is a work around! Google “century gothic bold cross stitch alphabet patterns” and you will see many pics of this chart pop up as Pinterest images – just take a screenshot of one and you will have the chart ☺️
Master Chart: Stitches & Yardages
Mono Canvas requires 2x more thread – see starred box in photo above
Continental Stitch = Center letter and yellow border around the Hungarian stitch
Basketweave = Center letter option instead of Continental Stitch
Border stitches are stitched in the gaps after adding first color of Hungarian Stitch
Applying felt to the back is optional – the coaster functions perfectly without a backing.

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