I’m Eleanore (Ellie) and I am a Life Tart…..an easy date for life! 

What is a “Life Tart”? Someone who is willing to try just about anything and is interested in everything – everything FUN that is!

I am a wife, mother, and artist.  I try to keep lots of balls in the air and enjoy it all.

I am a former Political Researcher turned glass beadmaker/silversmith/jewelry designer. I live in New Mexico with my husband, daughter and a dog named Harriette.

My interest in “FUN”, combined with my research background, being an artist & having a mean case of ADD (seriously) = I make a bunch of stuff. I do a bunch of stuff. I find out about a bunch of stuff….many times very interesting stuff….and this is where I post it.

Entertaining, kids, jewelry, DIY, art, fashion, food, travel, iPhone Apps …..because this stuff is fun!

My work is sold through galleries and I write for various Jewelry magazines. Please see my website for details.

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