Quarantine Needlepoint Coaster

Click on the above photo to see the YouTube video – there is a table of contents below
This guide to what appears where in the video is also in the description under the video on YouTube (click the little black triangle under the bottom right corner of video)

The photos below are the companion “textbook” for the video on YouTube. Be sure to watch the video so that these photos will make sense to you! I have included a “Table of Contents” – the video is 1hr 45 min so I thought it really needed a table of contents! This video covers every stitch step-by-step with all sorts of info about thread, stitches, etc. If you are a beginner, this may be of interest to you…it is intended as a quick sampler to learn all sorts of stitches and end up with a sweet little self finishing coaster. The Stitch Charts below are listed in the order they are stitched on the coaster and the order in which they appear in the video. The center colored bar that runs through the middle of the charts refers to the color of that stitch on the Master Chart.

Amazon Supply List – Click on this photo
Unfortunately the source for this letter chart, Jos Hendriks blog is no more – however there is a work around! Google “century gothic bold cross stitch alphabet patterns” and you will see many pics of this chart pop up as Pinterest images – just take a screenshot of one and you will have the chart ☺️
Master Chart: Stitches & Yardages
Mono Canvas requires 2x more thread – see starred box in photo above
Continental Stitch = Center letter and yellow border around the Hungarian stitch
Basketweave = Center letter option instead of Continental Stitch
Border stitches are stitched in the gaps after adding first color of Hungarian Stitch
Applying felt to the back is optional – the coaster functions perfectly without a backing.

Perfect Scrambled Eggs Using A Roux

The most perfect, fluffy, velvety scrambled eggs you have ever had – every single time…the magic is the ROUX

Click on the above photo for the YouTube video

I read about this technique of using a ROUX to make scrambled eggs – I tried it because it sounded “weird” & interesting – I mean really, who ever heard of using a roux? That was about 10 years ago and I have used it ever since…it is amazing and about as close to fool proof as you will ever find.

Click on the ingredients photo above for the FULL size video on IGTV

I wish I could give credit where credit is due, and tell you where I learned this but I can no longer find any reference to this technique online. This technique is so wonderful that it really needs to be passed down through generations – try it – remember it – teach it to your children & grand children so that it will live on….

Quarantine Needlepoint Mask Cover

Click on above photo for a link to ALL SUPPLIES on Amazon – Local Needlepoint stores can send threads to you! …but there are also threads in this supply list on Amazon if you prefer
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Click on above photo to open video 🎥 on YouTube

Low Carb Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cocktail

A Low Carb Keto – ish Cocktail that is totally delish!
I make this in “ Bulk” so I don’t have to mix everything every time.

How To Not Lose A 1st Generation Apple Pencil Charger Sleeve

I love my 1st generation Apple Pencil but the little “Lightning-to-Lightning adapter” sleeve that fits over the lightning charger is insanely small (about 1/2 the size of a postage stamp). This little sleeve allows you to charge the pencil with a regular charging cord – without this sleeve, you must charge your iPad, then plug the pencil into your iPad and use the battery from the iPad to charge the pencil – with the pencil sticking out of the iPad…the only way I would feel safe doing this is if I put the whole thing in the middle of my dining room table because it’s a disaster waiting to happen if anything jostles it – with the pencil charging, it measures 16” long! The paranoid side of me wonders if Apple intentionally designed it this way so that they could sell more of these little sleeves…I mean really, who could ever keep track of something this size?

I use this GearTie “Cordable”. I prefer it to the cords they sell specifically for this purpose because the side loop profile is smaller. I applied velcro to the interior spine of my iPad case (my case looks almost like a book with a 1” spine) and to my pencil – the low profile of the Cordable allows me to attach the pen to the Velcro and close the front cover flat! Yay!!!

*GearTie Cordables are available on Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.

Freezer Pantry…Create A Library of Ingredients In Your Freezer

Sources for supplies:

3”x4” Bags from Amazon


4”x6” Bags from Amazon


Freezer Bin from Amazon


No affiliated links or compensation to review these products- I just love them and thought you might too!

DIY Money Notepad For Tipping While Traveling

Years ago, my Grandmother ordered pads of $1 bills from the bank prior to going on a trip. She always had tips at the ready for maids, baggage handlers, bellman and cab drivers…since banks no longer sell pads of bills, I make my own – it only takes about 10 minutes plus drying time!

Since I rarely carry cash, money notepads are a must for me! If you have any questions, just message me on Instagram (Lifetart)

Make a Needlepoint Canvas Roll!

On Instagram in January, Pipandrooneedleworks posted a Needlepoint travel roll that her husband had made for her and I thought “Hey! I want one of those!” …but I can’t stitch leather like that – so I came up with this! If you don’t have a sewing machine I will bet this will still work by just riveting straps onto a thicker piece of leather – as long as it is still pliable enough to roll up!

This is a rather “rough” tutorial – no time for pretty pretty pictures right now – but the technique and information is here…and that’s really all you need. Make sure you read ALL the information!

If you have any questions, just go to my LifeTart Instagram account, scroll down to the July 17th post and message me there as I don’t “do” email.

There you have it! Make sure to read the information pics below!

Make a Garden Sun & Shade Chart on your iPhone 

In the past I have taken a shotgun approach to gardening – I would just walk into garden center, pick what I liked, bring it home and plant with abandon with little regard for plant light requirements – not good – it turns out that those little plant tags that tell you about light requirements are really important.  A couple of years ago, after getting REALLY tired of spending money on plants just to kill them later, I came up with this idea. Now I go to the garden center, check my Sun & Shade chart and buy plants that grow in the conditions of my yard….things are much better now… here’s how to make your own chart on your iPhone!

Make a Basket Herb Garden

I’m a big fan of using plastic baskets as car trash cans (try it and you’ll never go back to using a bag!). As I was unloading plants from the back of my car I used the empty trash basket to carry 6 pots of herbs to the patio. Setting them on the table, I noticed that they looked kind of cute in the basket and wondered if I could just use the basket as an herb garden – I figured “it’s plastic – why wouldn’t it work?”. I left the herbs in the basket and put them by my back step and watered them every day. I wondered if they would continue to grow in their little pots… it became evident that they needed to be in more soil than just their little plastic pots… and I was getting really tired of watering them every day! 
I wanted to keep them by the back kitchen steps because it is more convenient than where I usually grow herbs and I had become attached to the whole “basket” idea, so I set about figuring out how to plant them in the basket without dirt leaching out every time I watered them – AND how to avoid the responsibility of needing watering them frequently (I live in New Mexico and our humidity hovers around 10-20% ). I came up with this idea and it has worked beautifully – I much prefer it to my old herb container garden on the drip system! If you try this, just make sure to heavily water the basket once a week – the water crystals/granules need a chance to soak up enough water to see the plants through the next 7 days or so!