I realize I have a bit of an obsession with being prepared (I keep an SAS Survival Manual in my car emergency kit (I’m serious)….so that I will know how to find pure drinking water inside of a cactus….and how to make a fire without matches (in case mine get wet)….I kid you not – it’s a “thing” with me.  No, I do not store gallons of drinking water and stockpile arms and ammunition….but I still keep the SAS Manual in my car emergency kit, along with 5 year old granola bars……..and candles…..and matches….and weird silver space looking blankets that crinkle really loudly but are super warm.

When I first started doing “Shows” (glass bead/jewlery/craft shows), I brought a good part of my studio and anything else I could possibly need with me — I was PREPARED FOR ANYTHING! – had the Earth been invaded by Aliens, I would have been fine for at least 2 weeks, hiding under my craft show table and assembling jewelry. But alas, over the last 12 years of doing glass bead and jewelry shows…..Aliens have not invaded the Earth and I have spent waaaay too much time and energy being “Prepared” and lugging a plethora of UN-needed items to shows and home!

Now, I only do one show per year (To Bead True Blue) and it is every February in Tucson during the big Gem & Mineral Show; it is a 6 day show. Every year, I return home and say “what did I not use this year – and is there anything I COULD have used that I did not bring?”

I have gotten it down to three bins….and in one of those bins, is my “POP -UP OFFICE”!

Because I have annotated this down to the last “paperclip” so to speak, I will offer no more advice other than this: If you find I have missed an important thing, please comment!!!

Wait! Before you comment!  I bring tissue paper for wrapping, but do not keep it in my POP-UP OFFICE!….so don’t comment on that.

Also, it is really nice when you need to grab it to just go to a little gathering where you are selling your jewelry/beads, between shows – everything will be there when you need it – as long as you throw in your business license and “Square” credit card swipe “thingy” (I keep mine in my cash bag). It has taken a long time for me to learn to do this, but I love it and it takes up so little space and is ready to go when I am!!!

Please comment about things you could not live without at a show or things you might add to a POP-UP OFFICE!

(click on any photo to make it HUGE!)

This is my “traveling office.” I purchased it for $8.00 at a Thrift store and it is a “briefcase” if you are ever looking for one online..although I would suggest visiting your local thrift stores….they ALWAYS have these and it is good to see the size in person! Mine is 18 x 12 x 4.5″

2 thoughts on “POP-UP OFFICE!

  1. Great stash. I added clothes pins, sewing kit and twine to my stash. I had a banner rip and needed the pins and twine to hold it. The sewing kit was a button fix.

    • Brilliant!! Thank you for commenting!

      All the best, Eleanore

      Ellie Mac glass beads > jewelry > fun

      Eleanore Macnish Glass Beadmaker, Silversmith & Jewelry Design

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