How to waterproof your Laptop ….ALMOST!

Your laptop and liquids of any kind are NOT friends….no matter how much you want them to be friends, they will never, ever be friends!

Red wine can actually be good for your heart, but is ALWAYS bad for your Laptop!….as is white wine, Diet Coke, water, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.

The picture of the laptop in the above photo was my beloved laptop BEFORE & AFTER I spilled wine on it…..It’s “all fun and games” until someone spills a glass of wine on the keyboard!!!

Actually, there were no “fun & games” to speak of — it was just me, sitting in my studio, answering email and reaching for a glass of wine “without really looking”…..and it cost me dearly!

A couple of days after I ruined my “beloved” laptop, I went out and purchased a new laptop (on which I am writing this blog post).  When I purchased my new laptop, I also purchased a silicone “skin” for the keyboard.

I felt mildly protected, but the the edges of the skin kind of “flare up” (exposing the keyboard – scary! I think it is actually meant as a protection from dust), it was “clunky” when I had to write more than a few words (I found myself removing it any time I needed to “really write”), and there was no protection for the speaker holes. All in all, not the greatest solution.

“From now on, must I drink EVERYTHING FROM A SIPPY CUP!?” I lamented………but then I came up with an “idea”….a most wonderful, ingenious, and perfect idea!

“What if I wrapped my keyboard in that “Glad” Press n’ Seal” stuff that sticks to everything, including itself?!”

Yay!! – it works! The track pad responds beautifully, the keys are the same as if they had no covering at all;  I can wrap the whole keyboard and cut out areas for the side panels (USB port, cd slot, etc) but still allow for the wrap to make contact and seal the top of my laptop!  “But what about the speakers?” you ask? ….I don’t know how it works, but the speakers (even though covered) work almost as well – quite honestly, with no discernible difference to my “rookie” ears!

Although the photo above does not show it, I snapped on my plastic laptop cover (Amazon $20) and it anchors the plastic wrap really well! If you do not have a snap-on cover, just tape the wrap to the underside of your computer in a few spots.

When you want to change out your “Glad Press ‘n Seal Keyboard Protection Layer”,  just turn off your computer and wipe off your keys with a kitchen towel moistened with a bit of alcohol and water to get rid of the little residual dots! Do NOT use Windex or anything like it….those products degrade (break down) plastic…..because they are designed for glass.

Disclaimer: This method does not completely waterproof your computer and I am not liable for any damages to your computer.  This is just something I have found works for me and I wanted to share it.

By Eleanore Macnish