Uh, yeah….in my Rainbow House!

….notice how it is out in the middle of the ocean? There’s a reason for that!

Last night, I told my husband “I’m going to have a glass of wine and phone a friend in my “RAINBOW HOUSE!

Meaning: I’m going out to the patio to have a glass of wine and talk to a friend, ALONE! ….and I’m taking my friend on the phone with me as my guest….I invited her over for a glass of wine…in my Rainbow House!

A couple of days ago my friend Heather at Flawless Skin Spa, wrote a hilarious blog post about a saying a group of my friends have been saying for years; it is a phrase I absolutely adore and I thought it would be fun to write a post about how it came to be.

Here is the story: I have a dear friend named Lynn and she has a daughter named Haley.  About 6 years ago,  Haley was talking to an adult about all of these wonderful things she had…..a pony, some chickens, a beautiful diamond crown, lots of cake, etc.  The adult, wondering where she had gotten all of these things and where she kept them, said “Really?!?” to which the little girl said “Yes……in my Rainbow House!”

Everyone in the room just looked at each other and thought “Oh – my – gaaaawd! That is so perfect!”

It is incredibly cute for a kid to have a Rainbow House and an absolute NECESSITY for a woman to have a Rainbow House!  – and it is a wonderful phrase to have as part of your repertoire for sarcastic retorts!  Like….

“You went to Paris, France for the weekend!??”

“Uh, yeah – in my Rainbow House!!…actually I went to Paris, TX to visit my in-laws!”

Once you get the hang of it, you will find yourself using “Rainbow House” aaaall the time!

You may be wondering what my Rainbow House is like……


  • No part of my kitchen counter is held together with Gorilla Glue because of a child using a hammer to crush Oreos….in my Rainbow House.
  • I have the perfect body without even trying, everything looks fabulous on me and everyday is a “good hair day” ……in my Rainbow House.
  • “Stuff” puts itself away!….in my Rainbow House.
  • There is no dust or dirt or sand spilled from socks and shoes…..in my Rainbow House.
  • The surroundings and decor change according to whatever I happen to like on Pinterest…in my Rainbow House.
  • My child never whines and we never argue. We spend time doing only fun and emotionally rewarding things together; making wonderful lasting memories……in my Rainbow House.
  • My dear husband is dear and sweet ALL the time….in my Rainbow House.
  • I am dear and sweet ALL the time….in my Rainbow House.
  • Every window looks out onto a different view – my balcony with geraniums looks out to the blue sea off the coast of the Greek island of Paros, my lanai looks out to a beach on Maui and my breakfast room is actually a street side cafe in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy (that serves the most sublime pesto you have every had in your life!)….in my Rainbow House.
  • There is no mortgage on my Rainbow House.
  • Telemarketers do not have the phone number to my Rainbow House.
  • George Clooney does have the number to my Rainbow House, and he calls it frequently to talk to me and see if I will accompany him to his house on Lake Como. Alas, I cannot but I do enjoy the attention….but apparently, he also calls Heather to try to talk her into going to the Academy Awards with him….this must be addressed!

If I ever become a little restless in my Rainbow House, I go over to Heather’s Rainbow House and we play “ring toss” with her pet Unicorn in her infinity pool.

Since no one’s life is perfect, I often wonder what celebrities’ Rainbow Houses are like – they must have them – perhaps their Rainbow Houses are impossible for the paparazzi to photograph, have stores/restaurants/movie theatres where they can go and just be a normal person without everyone bugging them!

If anyone has the guts to Tweet/ask your favorite celebrity “What’s in your Rainbow House” with this post url (so they have some idea what you are talking about), tag your Tweet with #inmyRainbowhouse to make it searchable.

What is in your RAINBOW HOUSE?      (if you Tweet it, make sure to use #inmyRainbowHouse)

By Eleanore Macnish