Magic Magnetic Craft Board

 *You can also see this tip WITH VIDEO on my Lifetart Instagram account (I am FAR more active on IG than here on my blog).  If you have any questions, just message me on Instagram! 

Super easy to make and makes any craft you do while sitting in a chair or the car SO much easier! Needlepoint, embroidery, beading, etc. 

 My “Lapboard” is actually a vintage cork backed board placemat (eBay usually around $15 for 4). I love it because it provides a perfect place for stray things and the cork provides drag so things don’t slide off – (you could also use a small cookie sheet or a piece of chipboard). Using packing tape, attach magnets to the back of the board and place a magnet into any lightweight container and throw it on your board!

When you need to get up from working on a project, it is SO easy to just take the board and place it on the table without worrying about stuff sliding off…and of course while you are using it…

I use LARGE magnets (1/2” wide by 1/8” thick – from Hobby Lobby 6 for $6 online & in stores) – they are strong enough to hold things through the thickness of the lapboard and using two can anchor heavier things. Smaller ones are not strong enough for the vintage placemats. 

Lapboard Hack: Since the front of the placemats are shiny and slick, gluing a piece of ultra suede or real leather suede on the shiny side would help anchor it on uneven surfaces (in the car!) – just make sure to tape your magnets to the back before gluing on the suede!

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